I started Angelfood because of my love of baking and my desire to encourage others to adopt a plant based diet. Although the basis of a healthy diet is whole plant foods such as vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fruits, beans, etc, a great vegan treat can also be just the item to spark someone’s interest in a vegan diet, or just prove that you don’t need butter and eggs to make delicious baked goods!

I went vegan in 2007 after unfortunate health scares with both of my parents prompted me to do some research about the food-disease connection. After reading The China Study, I was inspired to go vegan, and I never looked back. Along the journey, I learned about the animal farming industry, and I am proud that by eating and living vegan I am not only healthier, but I am no longer contributing to the suffering of animals. Please visit and subscribe to my blog to follow my adventures in veganism.
Prior to Angelfood, I worked as an instructor of cooking classes and did personal chef work and some small scale catering through my own business, Pure Life Chef in San Francisco. I also enjoyed working with Compassionate Cooks and even filmed three vegan cooking segments. I love teaching others about how easy and rewarding veganism can be for a variety of personal reasons and health reasons. I graduated as a Natural Foods Chef from Bauman College Berkeley in 2009.

I chose to start Angelfood because I love the old fashioned comfort of baking, and I enjoy sharing the love through my treats. Angelfood as a name represents the goodness of saving animal lives through food, and is also representative of my mother, grandmother and my daughter who are all my beloved angels.

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